My Time At Men’s Camp

I am currently in the process of finishing my last day at Men’s Camp.

Imagine returning to your youth, to late August, when the weather was perfect, cicadas singing their songs throughout the day, and you were ten. Playing outside. Swimming, boating, fishing. Perfection.

Now imagine that you could recapture that feeling for a weekend. That is Men’s Camp.

If we look back through the environmental movement, we see men and women who all had profound experiences in the outdoors. And who had the courage and confidence to speak out.

For men, that confidence is learned through interaction with other men and through the outdoors. It is no mistake that Teddy Roosevelt spent as much time hunting, fishing and hiking as he did leading the United States of America.

That is what is being lost today. In a sense, men have lost their masculinity. In addition to men suffering psychologically, our society has suffered and the environment has suffered.