Patchwork Quilt

by Handsome Matt

I posted a quick one-liner yesterday about electric bicycles.  Think about it. You’re taking an item whose only pollution source was when it was manufactured and when it will be destroyed (although bikes are made by and large of easily recyclable materials) and you’re actually increasing its eco-foot print significantly. Yet it’s still green.

The environmental movement is marked with these kinds of ridiculous “huh?” moments that no one things about.  A 3,000 sq ft new built home is considered “greener”  than anything else on the market, electric lawnmowers are green, diesel trucks are green, power plants are green, everything is green.

Or worse, the serious issues (like deforestation, global climate change, extinction, etc) are high jacked by groups who push their own agendas. Green Peace and PETA for example;  One has called for the reduction of the human population and one is ultimately pushing a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Both regularly use environmental issues as ammo for their agendas.

It unfortunately bogs the real issues down.

It also doesn’t help that compromise is a word that is unknown in modern society. Had all parties involved compromised on global warming or energy reform, life would be better for all parties involved. Instead there have been a few Pyhrric victories that ultimately account for nothing.

Ted Nugent, that Dark Horse environmentalist sums up how we should be living quite well:

[C]ut down a tree; plant two trees. Kill an animal; breed two more. We have this wonderfully productive planet. Eat! Eat, drink, build! Have a good time, but put more back…