A Page From History

by Handsome Matt

I just finished an article from BusinessWeek that highlighted what Thomas Edison did in addition to inventing the light bulb. It’s on our tumblr page, and I recommend reading it.

The basic idea is this: In addition to figuring out the lightbulb, Edison went one step further: He invented the grid, the generators, the power plants. Basically he invented the entire power generation and delivery industries.

By doing this, good ol Tommy Edison, moved the lightbulb from a curiosity to a potential life changer.

The last things he did were to carefully introduce the lightbulb into a controlled market, and he also won favorable government regulation.

Right now we’ve got all these great breakthroughs that are nothing more than oddities. Like the solar powered car for example. Yet there’s no push to develop the necessary infrastructure to transition these breakthroughs into everyday successes.

Lets stop focusing on the next big breakthrough and start figuring out how to put the pieces we have together into a whole system that works.