For My Christian Readers; A Thought…

by Handsome Matt

There has been a long running debate regarding what the phrase “in the image of God” means. As in God created Man in His image.

Allow me to toss my hat into this theological debate.

I think it falls in squarely with the story of Creation. Our first encounter with God is when he creates. In that sense I feel that our “image” then is to be creators.

Furthermore, we see God create a world of perfection, with systems and orders and ecological principles. This highlights the logic of God. Before God there was nothing, and now there is a logical universe with principles and laws.

Finally we step back further and see a God of Justice and of Love. And lastly we have a call from Jesus to join in building the Kingdom of Heaven.

So our image then is to be creators who join in the building of the Kingdom.

What does this mean for the environment?

We must approach it with the same love and respect that God approaches it. We are creators, but the question that must be answered is does this better the Kingdom of God? Does it further the Kingdom?

Do we understand that the fullness of the Kingdom of God encompasses the entirety of creation? Honestly, I don’t think we do. God created everything with a purpose, with intent. Our current system of use, does not treat everything with that same reverence.