by Handsome Matt

We’ve all heard that the key to successfully generating clean power is locked away in some future breakthrough.

Every time a technology is debuted, it comes with a glaring asterik: Won’t be commercially viable for five to ten years.

But the thing is, we’re focusing on the wrong problem.

The problem isn’t power generation. It’s power transmission.

There’s enough solar power in the southwest or enough wind power in the Dakotas to power the entire United States. We would be sacrificing a few states worth of land to have clean power, that’s basically free.

Yet the question that remains is how do we store and move that power?

No one is really working on that problem for some reason. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders who is responsible.

Think about it, if a breakthrough needs to come in any sector, it’s in transmission and storage. If we could move power efficiently across great distances then generating clean power would be simplified. Or if we could store it efficiently for long periods of time… How tremendous would that be?