What Can We Do?

by Handsome Matt

The simplest thing that can be done right now to save the environment is to drive as little as possible.

Secondly, turn off your lights, turn up the A/C, turn down the heat.

With those two things done, the problems with everything else will be revealed.

1) Most cities aren’t built for people. They’re built for cars.

2) Our infrastructure is atrocious. Last time I checked, it was a D-. That needs to change. And it’s going to take a large amount of money and work to fix it. To bad we spent so much on our “stimulus.”

3) Current home design was built and developed to use materials as cheaply as possible. Not for efficiency or even for style. Most homes are too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter.

The two big things that need to happen?

1) We completely scrap our infrastructure and redevelop it to make moving without a car even easier.

2) We subsidize individuals purchasing sustainable updates to their homes. And included in that should be tax breaks or even pay outs by the government for remodeling older homes to be more efficient and passive, and for making homes work off the grid.

Right now it’s too expensive for most homeowners to remodel their home, and the saves money is too far away.

Secondly, it’s a huge inconvenience, inefficient, and slightly dangerous for people to ride the current mass transit system.