Global Warming Is Over!

by Handsome Matt

It’s cooled off! So no more climate change!!!

Not quite.

Basically I like to think of our atmosphere as a system. With no human interaction, it’s fairly balanced. Yes certain natural phenomena can throw a wrench into it, but over time everything rights itself once more.

What we’re doing however is adding more into the system, and simultaneously removing the means by which it is regulated. Combined with our love for asphalt parking lots and other heat sinks, we’ve got a system with more potential power.

Hence the more violent storms and greater swings in temperature.

Now, where it gets tricky is this: Winter always follows Summer. No matter how “warm” the earth gets there will still be a cooler period. Because winter is the product of our earths’ tilted axis.

However the issue isn’t global climate change. The issue is how we interact with the world around us.

Currently it’s nothing but “take, take, take” slash and burn. It’s entirely the wrong mindset.