Wonder Why We Don’t Have Climate Reform?

by Handsome Matt

A few months ago the talk was all about clean energy and renewable power. There were big plans for energy reform,  and the steps were going to be taken to create jobs and make America energy independent.

And now?

The EPA will most likely be limited in its ability to enforce carbon dioxide, mining will not be reformed, power plants won’t have to curb emissions, and renewable energy will not be implemented.


500 million dollars and some change. That’s the amount of money that oil, gas and energy companies paid to lobbyists and PACs to sway congressional representatives. And it worked.

The break down is simple:

The US people want clean, inexpensive energy, energy independence, and more jobs. A comprehensive energy reform bill would have done that. A few companies lobbied, and the very people we’ve elected to do what’s right, to represent us, have failed us once again.

Just like they did with financial reform; just like they did with universal healthcare; just like they did with the bailout.

Our government has failed us.