Guest Post: Renewable Energy

by Handsome Matt

My good friend Joe sent me an email this morning. I thought it appropriate for today.


I was having a conversation with my mum about the oil spill, because it is in this month’s National Geographic, and we got to talking about alternative energy.

Through the conversation, I kind of came upon an analogy I hadn’t thought of before:

Thinking about the change from non-renewables to renewable energy could be similar to the ways in which people generate their incomes now, against how they did in the past.

In the (even recent) past, people would have one source of income. They had one job, which paid them a lot of money–likely all the money they would earn. Increasingly now, people are using the power of the internet to generate multiple income streams. Each of them provides just a small amount of income, but they add up to a sufficiency.

I think that you can contextualize renewable energy in a similar way. Formerly, we put all our efforts into fossil fuels and got all of our power from one place: one giant power plant. Now, with wind, wave, tidal, solar, hydro, (even nuclear), biofuel, we’re going to have to rely on different “income streams” to satisfy our energy demands.

So it’s not necessarily necessary to fill Nevada with solar panels, or risk disrupting the airflow on the East coast of the US with wind turbines, to get all of your energy from one source. Instead, it might be possible to get just a little of an individual’s, or even a nation’s, energy from multiple sources.

Just a thought, but there might be something in it.



Enough said.