The Distant Future Has Arrived

by Handsome Matt

According to the news, gas prices are expected to jump today due to two major factors:

Low supply, a more robust economy (read: higher demand)

We know this tenet of capitalism by heart. It’s been drilled into us ad naseum. A small supply coupled with a high demand results in astronomical prices.

Yet when it comes to oil and its products, we get stupid. We’re too close to the problem and too far from the cause.

If we look at oil companies and their production methods, they’ve entered into more and more costly ways. Last ditch methods. Methods that signify, at least to me, a dwindling supply. That then warrants riskier (tar sands extraction, deep water drilling)  actions.

But for some reason, we all believe the poorly constructed propaganda spoon-fed to us by lobbyists, corporate funded special interest groups (API), and bought politicians. Oil, a resource shown to be produced through a special combination of time (millions of years), heat, pressure and organic material, is somehow unlimited in its supply, yet it’s only found in a few areas of the world. And rough circles can be drawn around all of those areas.

Last time I checked, renewable/unlimited resources didn’t take millions of years to develop and/or didn’t have boundaries.

Or the wild claims of how long an untapped reserve will last. Completely ignoring the actual billions of barrels used everyday; a number that is growing every day. ANWR will only last three to six months, yet irreversible damage will be visited upon one of the last wildernesses in the United States.

Let’s face it: oil is running out. Our way of life has to change. We cannot go on living the way we are currently.

This way of life was fine from the fifties on up through the 90s. It’s 2010, and we have to make the decision:

Do we as a nation, a people, a race of beings move forwards into the future or allow ourselves to slide into extinction as a testament to folly…