Election Misconceptions

by Handsome Matt

The mud is being slung in Ohio. Hard.

Let’s take a look at a few of them:

1) The energy reform bill will eliminate 100,000 jobs.

Yes it will, and hundreds of thousands of jobs will be eliminated next year regardless of whether or not an energy reform bill is passed. Secondly, we’re sacrificing long term job growth in an emergent field (the next wave) for a hundred thousand jobs that will be outsourced in a short period of time. Brilliant.

2) Cap & Trade is costly….

Erroneous. Especially given that oil companies, energy utilities and other large businesses are in support of the cap & trade. Granted, that is a whole issue in and of itself; however, the point still remains in other instances of pollutants (NOx for example) a cap and trade system has worked incredibly well. INCREDIBLY WELL!

A well written cap & trade system for CO2 and all greenhouse gases, would do two things: Control and reduce pollutants, and generate money.

Again, these things will lead to a cleaner planet, better products, better communities, and more. Why are we believing poorly created drivel?