Isolated Incidents?

by Handsome Matt

I posted a quick link yesterday on tumblr, and I’d like to expand on it. Love Canal, Picher, Centralia (the real life inspiration for “Silent Hill”), River Valley, The Yangtze, and other similar situations.

Everyone acknowledges how dreadful these events were, how sad, how terrible, how wrong. And yet, that’s it. The causes of these events are all similar: the desire to cut costs, make money, avoid responsibility. All to fuel our desire for cheap goods and services.

We don’t want to admit that this is a systemic problem because the guilty party is us.

Look at the outcry against BP, but note that our driving habits didn’t change.

Look at the backlash against violent video games. Before that it was television, then movies, then music. As opposed to actually saying “Our current society is detrimental to families.”

These aren’t isolated incidents. These are symptoms that something is violently wrong with our current society. It’s time to change.