My Recent Spate of Revolutionary Writings

by Handsome Matt

I realize I’ve been leaning towards a touch of the revolutionary recently, and I’d like to explain why… This clip should sum things up nicely.

I’m mad as hell.

We’ve been promised again and again, that things will change. The only changes I see around me, have been for the worse. The disparity between the rich and everyone else has increased, the poor have become poorer, our leaders have become more self-centered and bureaucratic, the recession has worsened for all but those who caused it to begin with, and on and on and on.

I’m reduced to a number thank you FICO and my banks, I’m merely a consumer fit only to buy and work and die, the important things (IE OUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE AS A HUMAN SPECIES AND THE WELL BEING OF OUR EARTH!!!) are ignored, our oceans are polluted, our resources misused, and those elected to defend our interests, to hold accountable organizations, businesses, and each other, have failed.

Miserably failed.

So yes, I’m advocating a revolution. Screw restoring value or sanity. Both are code words for status quo, except one is blue and one is red. The only tea party I want is one that leads to independence, the only change I want is real change, the only hope I want is the hope that we can make things better.

Let’s face it, America isn’t a republic anymore. It’s a joke. The real power is in the bureaucracy, the real force is within the special interests. Your vote doesn’t matter in the least bit. We don’t need another charismatic politician, we need real leaders, with the integrity and strength to do what’s right.