Western Style Waste In Africa

by Handsome Matt

The country of Tanzania is considering a road that could effectively end the Serengeti as we know it. And for no reason whatsoever.

We’ve done it. We’ve finally gotten Western Civilization to take route in Africa. After this monstrosity, next will be MTV, Prozac, teen bullying deaths, and workplace depression.

A few things need to be understood. The cause of Africa’s problems today can be linked directly to tribal differences aggravated by European/western interference. French and Belgian colonists even irreversibly changed the ecosystems of equatorial Africa, hundreds of years before the words “global” and “warming” were put together. Africa and South America’s systemic corruption, violence, pollution, and more are the results of Western meddling.

Don’t believe litter is a serious issue? Look at the Amazon river around major cities. Like your tuna? Poaching and bushmeat sales increase exponential in the wake of international fishing fleets operating off the coast of Africa. Want to see the cost, in human lives, of mining? Visit Sierra Leone.

Now an idea for a road is being considered that has no real purpose or merit, and is winning out over a better plan with less environmental impact, less cost, and will have more positive social/economic impact.

We’ve finally done it! Africa has been modernized.