by Handsome Matt

That is what the real focus of sustainability is. Or at least it should be.

Understanding that our choices today, can have far reaching consequences. Especially when discussing items that will last for thousands of years, or conversely, took thousands of years to form.

There’s nothing wrong with litter, per se. Trees, plants, animals all litter quite regularly. However that litter bio-degrades very quickly, and is ultimately essential for the Earth’s ecosystem. Your Snickers wrapper? Not so much.

There’s nothing wrong with burning gasoline either. But when millions of people the world waste gasoline and oil, and expect the prices of such a precious commodity to stay relatively low: We’ve got another issue on our hands.

Cleaning up our entire way of life is quite simply, a matter of responsibility. Did we invent cars? No. But have we given our tacit approval to the current way things are done? Yes.

It’s time for humanity to grow up.