Handsome Devils, Bespoke Death Machines

by Handsome Matt

I present to you the near final result of my recent labors.

Death Machine #2 (working title).


I’ve yet to officially name it, hopefully some inspiration will strike soon. It started life as a 1981 XS400, that I picked up from work for $200. The drag bars I had lying around the shop.


The paint is rattle can and (poorly) laid pinstripes. All told, I spent more on the tape involved than the paint itself. I decided to paint the spoked rims to seal the hot-rod look of the bike. Besides: how often do you see red rims? Exactly!


Not much is left on the checklist for completion: I picked up an old-style Harley-Davidson headlight at a swap meet that I really think will finish it up nicely. Along with new turn signals all around, a reworked taillight, and some new grips.


You’ll note it’s Death Machine #2. The first is Black Lightning (which is sidelined until a state inspection and a rebuild title can be issued), and there is a third… Details will be released soon!!!