Post Election Assessment

by Handsome Matt

‎”I don’t think this is the time to…figure out how to drive wedges in the opposition. I really think this is a time for serious people, when the country is so clearly hurting… to see if you can’t find some common ground across these bridges and see if we can get jobs going again, and get this economy moving again.” -David Gergen, CNN

It isn’t out of the ordinary for a mid term election to swing against the winning party. That’s how a two party system works out.

However, there are some things that suggests to me this isn’t like other swings.

To begin with, this is a reaction against the left reading into their wins. America didn’t want sweeping liberal reforms and programs. They wanted some change, not the largest increase in debt and government spending in history.

John Boehner (an Ohioan no less!) summed it up nicely in his speech last night.

This is a call to do work, and a big “what the hell were you thinking?!” call from the US public. Consider it a call to accountability. We were promised change, hope, transparency, a better life, bi-partisanship, etc. And what was delivered was not even close! Let’s have an honest assessment of the last 19 months. What was promised, and what was delivered?

What this means though is simple: Compromise can now occur, bills can now be passed that will actually work well, we’re going to lose some fights (most likely in finance and regulatory reforms) but we’re going to win some fights (Health care, and our national spending).

Think of it this way:

Liberals are great at taking care of people, Conservatives are great at keeping people employed.

It’s a matter of finding a balance between helping the marginalized, and finding ways to pay for those programs. That’s why the Republican minority wouldn’t pass several “necessary” reforms and programs: There’s no money to pay for them!!!

Alaska also shows that our system for write-in and independent candidates is flawed. Terribly flawed.