by Handsome Matt

The US infrastructure is atrocious.

Currently, it’s rated at a D overall. Much of the technology is dated, the materials are archaic, and all of it is overused.

This presents serious issues, but it also presents a few unique opportunities.

1) By upgrading our utilities and infrastructure to current technology and materials we will become immensely more efficient. That’s a given. And efficiency equals environmentally sustainable. Plus one!

2) We can look at our infrastructure and determine if certain areas of our country are no longer sustainable. Population densities, power usage, scarcity of resources, etc. Areas that are no sustainable without immense investments of energy, resources and utilities should be capped. I’m not saying we should force New Yorkers or Chicagoans to leave. However we should make people think twice about building/moving there.

3)Implement new technologies. There is a company that has figured out how to embed solar panels into our roadways. Think about how many square miles of road exists in the country. Now imagine if a tenth of that was capable of producing power. We would immediately become energy independent and our environmental impact would be negligible.