It’s All For Naught…

by Handsome Matt

I saw a dog get run over last night. The driver didn’t even stop. What kind of society do we live in, that another living thing isn’t important enough to warrant some level of respect and decency. It’s not a class issue either, I was driving through one of the poorest neighborhoods in Columbus. The disdain for life and decency in the United States today is disgusting.

That phrase “do unto the least of these” didn’t end with homo sapiens. If we truly want to see what kind of people we are, what our society represents, then look at how we treat the least.

It’s no wonder environmental and sustainable reforms are do damned difficult to pass; an average voter doesn’t even posses the decency to stop and figure out what living creature they just ran over, and who it belongs too. We want to save the rainforests, stop extinction and end poverty? Whatever. None of that is going to happen without a serious reexamination of our society and what we hold as right.

I’m disgusted…