Anyone See The Season Finale Of ‘Walking Dead?’

by Handsome Matt

To quickly recap:

Our survivors end up in the CDC headquarters in Atlanta. Learn about the virus and each other, and then the generators start to run out of fuel, which triggers a countdown sequence to decontaminate (aka blow the heck up) the entire building.

When asked why the building was doing this, the lone CDC scientist went into a monologue that included this line:

The world runs on fossil fuels. How stupid is that?

As has been shown in the 70s and even a few years ago, our current system of energy production is tenuous at best. A few people can derail the entire process, causing a crisis.

As in a real crisis. Not a “Green Peace – Save The Cows, Be Vegan” crisis. Think about what would happen to America if we had no more gasoline? Or if all the lights went off and weren’t coming back on?


For all our independence, we can be hobbled and brought down very easily.