Tracked hovercrafts and straddling buses (via At War With The Motorist)

by Handsome Matt

I caught this through “freshly pressed” and here is my response:

All of those ideas would be excellent ways to clear up congestion, implement effective and efficient urban mass transit, and yet allow almost any large city to easily implement it.

Elevating the “bus” above the road, yet having it run on embedded rails, would allow it to progress quickly from stop to stop without worrying about the traffic below. Transmission lines could be easily raised, and the “buses” could run on schedule with the traffic lights, further increasing their efficiency. Of course a driver would be necessary in the event of a breakdown, etc.

And bullet/high speed trains are incredibly efficient movers of goods, materials, and passengers across large distances. At incredibly efficient rates. It’s a pity these ideas are now written off as ridiculous.

Tracked hovercrafts and straddling buses The Ministry of Transport's 1963 Buchanan Report on the future of traffic in towns may have thought of jetpacks and hoverboards as a potentially real future for individual private travel, but it didn't ignore public transport entirely.  Obviously, in 1963 the railways were obsolete, but the report suggested there was some scope for "multi-passenger units", particularly ultra high speed devices on long journeys between dense population centres. Th … Read More

via At War With The Motorist