Unlikely Allies

by Handsome Matt

The Construction industry is an unlikely ally in the environmental debate. Here’s why:

Due to several smart government imposed regulations, a market has developed for reusable, recycled/recyclable materials. For example, concrete and block material from demolition sites is now being ground up and used as fill and base material for driveways, buildings, roads, etc.

How did this happen? We stopped allowing construction companies to simply throw away those materials. One simple regulation, and voila’ a market is created.

Architects and builders have been lamenting outdated and silly zoning and building codes for years. YEARS! A few simple changes to how we zone and build will yield large positive environmental impacts by reducing wasted material.

This is not a one shot deal. It’s going to take changes at all levels, to effectively shift how we think. Government needs to tip the scales back towards balance (so we can actually have a free market again), as citizens we need to suck it up and pay higher prices on certain items, companies need to jump into the sustainability market now (even though it is less than favorable right now) to create the supply and push the market to grow.

It takes all of us at all levels making informed decisions.