Simplicity And Double Standards

by Handsome Matt

Currently, the US tax code is ridiculously complex. Making it difficult to understand, comprehend, and enforce.

Complexity creates loopholes that can be exploited. Especially by those with money. And those without money don’t need to worry, but everyone in the middle gets hammered.

There has been a recent push to up automotive fuel efficiency. A well-meaning, but misguided, environmental group is lobbying to measure emissions of electric vehicles based on the power plant emissions in that area.

Sounds good?

Except a Nissan Leaf will be more damaging to the environment than a fire-breathing V8. It’s a complex code that will become a disincentive to own a cleaner, more efficient vehicle in areas of the country that need cleaner, more efficient vehicles.

If we want to be sustainable, then we must be effective and efficient. Simplicity is the key to that.