Prophets of Doom Part 2

by Handsome Matt

Hopefully my browser won’t crash midway through writing this:

Prophets of Doom, the History Channel special, focused on five different signs that America as we know it is headed towards disaster.

1) Peak Oil/Energy
2) Credit Crisis
3) Water
4) Artificial Intelligence
5) Nuclear Terrorism

Nuclear terrorism was an interesting one, especially given the reaction of the other members of the discussion. It is such a hard thing to comprehend that even the US government never seriously considered it. Although of the five, I would personally argue, that it is the most frightening, the most likely, and the most damaging.

A nuclear attack, or another large terrorist attack on the US would, I believe tip us into a military state. It would fuel both war-hawk cries for battle and peace-doves cries for peace at any cost. The poles would grow further and further apart, becoming more and more vitiriolic and the US would rip itself apart.

Of the remaining near term situations: Peak oil, Credit and Water are of serious concern.

Peak Oil, if it hasn’t already occurred, is coming soon. And with a dwindling resource in high demand, the costs for oil and oil based products will skyrocket. Our entire society and culture is based around oil. Without it, society will change. Quickly and drastically.

Water, without water there is no life. Period. And our freshwater supplies are being used up, polluted and ruined. Without water, we’ve got no chance at surviving.

Credit Crisis. Our economy is broken. We’ve returned to near pre-recession stock levels and yet nothing has changed for most of America. Only the rich and corporations currently benefit. Am I against capitalism? Not in the least, but I am against the idea of a few benefiting at the expense and risk of the many. If enough debts get called in: great swaths of humanity will be without anything, myself included.

What will happen then? Anarchy.


Artificial Intelligence is the least of our concerns at the moment. But it should be a reminder, that technology is not a benevolent thing. Like any tool, it can be used for good or evil.


The question then, is what do we do to move forward into the future and avoid the collapse?