New Detroit

by Handsome Matt

We’re not addressing the deep, systemic issues.

“Clean Energy” is not an energy production issue at all. It’s an energy usage issue. The model that is employed everyday, the basic foundation of how our homes, cities, country and society is operated:

Is no longer valid…

Of course bio-fuels, hydrogen, and hybrids can not possibly meet the driving needs of millions of Americans. Solar power can’t supply the demand, and neither will wind, tidal, geothermal or nuclear. Because those needs are outdated, obsolete, invalid.

To put it simply: They are wrong.

The United States Highway System was conceived at the end of WWII as a national defense network based on the German Autobahn. It was a tool to protect America during the Cold War, from invasion. A byproduct of it was the ability for Americans to quickly move from point A to point Z.

When natural resources were limitless and cheap, energy efficiency wasn’t necessary. Why conserve something that will never, possibly run out?

The world has changed, the Cold War and the Golden Age of the Automobile has passed. Corvettes no longer cost $5000, oil can run out, and CO2 along with various other pollutants have an adverse effect on the environment. And we need to understand that.

It’s time to move forward. The “American Graffiti” model served us well through the 70s, but its time for a new Detroit.*

*Detroit can never (nor should it be) restored to its former glory. That’s a step backwards. That does not mean Detroit cannot be rebuilt into something new, something with a current or future glory.