Egypt And The Environmental Movement

by Handsome Matt

If you live under a rock, you can be excused for not realizing that Egypt has deposed their President, and are in the process of building a new country.

Yesterday I received an email from an “environmental” group, the Energy Action Coalition. In no uncertain terms, this was the worst example of what the environmental movement has become.

There’s a spontaneous revolution in Egypt, that was born out of years of anger and frustration. And has resulted in action and change. Serious, historic change.

And then there’s the Power Shift, 2011… A highly planned “protest” that will be big on hype, and movement, but no change.  Like screaming at people, while sitting in a rocking chair. There’s motion, but no movement.

One resulted in real, legitimate change. The other will result in college kids getting drunk, and feeling good about themselves.

Which is going to be remembered in 50 years? I suppose I should give the Energy Action Coalition some respect for having the audacity to try and compare their “protest” with that of Egypt.