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Western Style Waste In Africa

The country of Tanzania is considering a road that could effectively end the Serengeti as we know it. And for no reason whatsoever.

We’ve done it. We’ve finally gotten Western Civilization to take route in Africa. After this monstrosity, next will be MTV, Prozac, teen bullying deaths, and workplace depression.

A few things need to be understood. The cause of Africa’s problems today can be linked directly to tribal differences aggravated by European/western interference. French and Belgian colonists even irreversibly changed the ecosystems of equatorial Africa, hundreds of years before the words “global” and “warming” were put together. Africa and South America’s systemic corruption, violence, pollution, and more are the results of Western meddling.

Don’t believe litter is a serious issue? Look at the Amazon river around major cities. Like your tuna? Poaching and bushmeat sales increase exponential in the wake of international fishing fleets operating off the coast of Africa. Want to see the cost, in human lives, of mining? Visit Sierra Leone.

Now an idea for a road is being considered that has no real purpose or merit, and is winning out over a better plan with less environmental impact, less cost, and will have more positive social/economic impact.

We’ve finally done it! Africa has been modernized.


Let’s Get Wa$ted

Planet Green has a show called “Wa$ted.” In it a pair of eco-conscious heroes confront villains with their crimes and wrong doings.

Or there’s “Living With Ed.” Where Ed Begley Jr, an intelligent environmentalist, is presented as eccentric and slightly insane.

To be blunt: It sums up everything wrong with the “green” movement.

On the one hand, you have a vilification of everyday individuals who don’t know any better. And on the other, you have the environmental movement being presented as neurotic, slightly amusing, and ultimately forgettable. It’s fitting then that they come back to back on the daytime line up.

Like the late night “$0.30 a day” commercials that ultimately do nothing except play on emotions of guilt, and create no lasting change: the current Green movement is destined to be a fringe organization, who plays in shock values, guilt, and heartstrings.

Notice that Theodore Roosevelt isn’t mentioned much as a champion of the environment, nor is John Muir. Except these two men successfully created the National Parks system. Muir, it could be argued saved Yellowstone from development and Roosevelt championed the idea of “wild, untamed spaces.”

This is why we’re called “Conservance.” We’re old school in our approach. I like Ed Begley Jr, but I hate his show.  And “Wa$ted” is a waste. They aren’t influencing policy (Begley might be), or changing a cultural wrong.

It’s Hot!

So hot in fact that I can’t even finish a full post. Enjoy this little bit though:

Oh yes, that is Will Smith!

Recycled Clothing Art by Guerra De La Paz

Recycled Clothing Art by Guerra De La Paz.

Most of the time, when you start talking about “recycled art” it ends up looking like a pile of junk with a ridiculous price tag, and an ostentatious explanation:

“this is supposed to represent the struggle that all men must go thr…”

Stop right there, cheese eating surrender monkey!

Being a conservationist, it’s refreshing to see when recycled and art come together to create something that looks beautiful!


At Auction

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to play auctioneer for the YMCA summer camp, Camp Willson.

I donated a few of our shirts, and some other items, and then got to know this years staff. I didn’t really get a chance to eat dinner, because I was having too much fun.

Soon after dinner: the auction started.

With items ranging from the silly to the useful to the awesome, the bidding was hot and furious.  And at the end of the night, we had raised…


Which is amazing, especially given the fact that the staff really won’t make that much money this summer.

As for our shirts, I was a little embarrassed to explain and auction off my own designs. Despite my confidence, I am a bit modest at times. But people began bidding on the shirts, and all told I believe they raised $100 or so.

All in all, not too shabby a Wednesday!

24 Hours Of Le Mans

The World Cup kicked off with tremendous fanfare this week and it was glorious! But there was another sports event taking place on Saturday, one with as storied a history as the World Cup.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans!

If NASCAR is the everymans motor sport; then Le Mans is James Bond, and Audi is Sean Connery.

But it doesn’t stop there. To cap it all off, Audi has been running a diesel race engine since 2005, and since 2008 has been using biodiesel. What this means is that the Audi Le Mans race cars, are some of the cleanest cars on the planet.

To make it even sweeter: Audi swept this years 24 hours of Le Mans. Positions one, two, and three all belong to Audi. This doesn’t happen very often, and it is one of the most difficult races in the world. With Dakar and Baja barely edging it out in terms of difficulty and phsyicality.

With Audi successfully running a clean diesel engine at the premier level of motorsports: What’s keeping these cars from the US?

Quick Technical Specs…

Engine: Twin turbo Diesel V12

Displacement: 5.5 liter

HP: 650 – 700 (Although there have been mentions of 1000 hp by commentators)

Movie Review: Who Killed The Electric Car?

It’s a valid question. In the late 90s, GM produced the EV1; an amazing electric commuter vehicle that was destined to free the United States, and the world at large, from oil.

A quick look outside would suggest that this freedom didn’t come to fruition.

Who Killed The Electric Car aims to figure out what happened. With a title like that, this would appear to be nothing more than a witch hunt. That is simply not true, the death of the EV1 involved quite a few people, businesses, and groups. It even indicts the consumers.

Yes, you and I are just as guilty in this as anything else.

It is an incredibly well done documentary, and it brings up the very convoluted and political dance that occurred.

A few interesting facts stood out:

1) GMs desire to erase the memory of the EV1. For a company driven by profit and the bottom line; passing up $1.9 million dollars seems strange

2) Energy reform hasn’t been seriously addressed at the federal level since Jimmy Carter

3) Even with a conservative estimate of oil reserves, we’re still looking at a trillion dollar industry

4) The scarcer a resource is, the more expensive it becomes

Short Post, Just for Fun

Busy day today, but I thought we should relax a bit and laugh some.

Here are 20 “failed” Environmental concepts.

Enjoy! See if you can spot the political leanings…

The Ongoing Clean Energy Debate

CNBC recently ran a special called “Beyond the Barrel.” It’s nothing spectacular, but it does highlight one incredibly large issue: We’ve been having the clean energy debate since the 70s! WTF, mate?

It’s a circular argument that is caught in an infinite loop and here’s how it plays out:

unwashed protestors: We need clean energy! You’re killing the earth!

Businesses: Sure, we’ve got solar power

Unwashed protestors: Solar?! Do you know how big those plants are? They’ll harm the deserts! That’s our cultural heritage!

Businesses: Well, what about wind?

Unwashed protestors: You bastard! Do you know those wind farms kill birds!

Businesses: We’ve got nuclear power???

<debate becomes a brawl as protestors turn violent. Yelling “Chernobyl” and “nuclear bomb maker>

Businesses: Fine, we’ll try using everything buy nuclear. You know that it’s going to cost more though right?

Unwashed Protestors: What? You’re going to raise my rates? KILL THEM!!!


I just finished watching Addicted To Plastic, and I have to say that given the name, I expected it to be less unbiased than it was. In the vein of Expelled, the end goal is understood and expected: but giving the “antagonists” in this case the plastics industry, a platform and then letting their claims be evaluated against evidence.

It brings up some interesting and startling facts.

  • Plastic never decomposes. Something well known. What isn’t as well known is that it simple breaks into smaller and smaller particles.
  • Those particles attract and retain oily substances and toxins upwards of a million times greater than the surrounding area.
  • Plastics in the North Pacific Gyre, out number plankton ten times to one.
  • Birds, especially sea birds, ingest plastic mistaking it for food. As do other creatures within the food chain.

Lastly, my personal favorite: 0% of the industry sponsored research found any connection between the chemicals in plastic and health concerns in humans.

90%. The number of independent studies that found connections between the chemicals in plastic and health concerns in humans.

The goal of Conservance is to find real solutions to environmental problems in the world. Is plastic inherently wrong? Of course not, many advances in the medical field are owed to plastics. But to label plastics as disposable or even easily recyclable is simply incorrect.

Glass is easily recycled, steel is easily recycled: Plastic is not. Not right now.

More to come on this.

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