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One Great Step…Backwards?

I was going to post this as a comment in response to this article, but then it grew too lengthy.

I understand that written language is nothing more than arbitrary symbols for sounds we make; but I don’t know if reducing the written language to four shapes and colors is a step forward.

Snapkeys works for us as a means towards an end, but only because we were forced to learn the entire process. But it has the same danger a calculator has. That is: I can skip the process to get to the end result and will never truly understand what has occurred.

Reading and writing is a completely abstract, and unnatural, process. A process that as we learn and understand that process, shifts how we think and view the world around us. The learned behavior to sit still, take in information, develop it and then comprehend it, is an incredibly important skill. That is what “reading” actually is. It becomes a spring-board for other, deeper forms of abstract thought including (I believe) empathy. Neil Postman even attributes the development of “childhood” to reading, and the subsequent “loss” of it to the rise of television.

As we advance technologically we need to still understand the processes that we’ve outsourced. In fact the more disconnected we become from the processes, the more we need to understand what exactly is occurring. Not out of fear of some Skynet created apocalypse, but to address the moment when that technology doesn’t exist. And furthermore to better use it. I can use Facebook effectively because I learned how to communicate and interact face to face, first.


Shwood Sunglasses

One part style, one part sustainable (trees grow).

Mechanical Marvels

I’m a BMW guy. Hate me if you will, but something about them I like.

And I especially grooved on a recent Businessweek article detailing BMW and their recent, focused push into electric cars.

Let me clarify a statement I made earlier. I don’t like electric cars. They end up being overpriced, bloated under-achievers. Like a fat Spicolli from Fast Times At Ridgem0nt High. However, I do like efficient, well designed electric cars that are capable of moving people in relative comfort and ease.

I’m curious to see what’s going to come from Shai Aggassi, Jaguar and now BMW.

Speaking of my own project:

Make Something!

Instead of buying something, why not try and make it yourself.

Work Table, from Lowe's

Start small, maybe a few hanging shelves. Lowe’s releases a magazine every few months that has nothing but great ideas for home projects.

If you want to get really crazy: take the plans to a local hardware store instead of Lowes and purchase what you need there.

Then go home and start building.

Why do this? To remember that you have an impact in the world around you. You can make something beautiful and meaningful and lasting: if you choose to.

The next step is to understand that everything you do has an impact in the world around you.

Does Anyone Remember the EV1?

GM to Sell Chevy Volt for $41,000; Lease Terms Close to Leaf’s – BusinessWeek.

Chevy is rolling out another electric car. Except this time, it’s a plug-in hybrid. A supposed “jack of all trades” deal that combines the best of an electric car with the best of a gasoline engine.

Forgive me if I’m a bit skeptical. But allow me to explain.

To begin with, the car is being leased. GM’s failed electric car the EV1 was also leased. For some unknown reason, GM pulled all the leases of the EV1s in one fell swoop. What is to prevent this same thing from occurring?

Secondly, when automakers have tried to combine uses, they’ve failed miserably. The boat mobile, El Camino, and Lamborghini’s SUV come to mind.

Could a boat mobile go in the water? sure. Could an El Camino haul a load of lumber? Of course. Could the Lambo SUV go off road? Why not?

Except none of them could do it very well, and to make it worse, they were horrible cars to drive. There’s no room in an El Camino for passengers, boat mobiles are slow on the road, and a Lamborghini SUV? Come on.

Lastly, the former head of GM himself when asked about the EV1 said that the American Consumer isn’t going to pay more for a product that does less.

Yet how much is the Volt retailing for?

That’s right, about $15,000 more than the 2011 Camaro.

What Do We Want? BEER!

If you’re lucky enough to be 21, then you have had the pleasure of tasting one of God’s little ways of saying ‘I love you.’

I’m talking, of course about beer.

Now, there’s beer, and then there’s Beer. The girls in the photo are drinking the latter, those idiots at the last party you went to last week: they were drinking the former.

New Belgium Brewery makes Beer. And not only that, they make it in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way! As an added bonus, their beer tastes great!

The next time you’re out, ask for a New Belgian Brewed Beer. And enjoy the delightful play of hops and malt across your tongue, and revel in the knowledge that you have done your part to save the planet.

Ride With Style

Vespa Sprint Veloce from Motor Modif

.: Motor-Modif ~ Ride With Style :..

Right there, that ridiculously cool style should be illegal. Like a Sean Connery James Bond it’s so elegant and so stylish.

And it gets like 80 mpg.

So let’s add this up shall we:

Style:: Check

Fun:: Check

Environmentally Responsible:: Check

Guys, that formula is how you get women today. Go out and buy a cool scooter!


Tesla Goes Public

Today Tesla has started offering stock, the goal of this IPO is to raise funding for a more affordable electric car.

Their definition of affordable:


For most of America, that’s not affordable.

As much as I’d like Tesla to succeed, they highlight almost everything wrong with the environmental movement right now.

To begin with, it’s a skewed definition of affordable. Secondly, while we’re focused on the pin stripes (in this case, Tesla’s awe inspiring performance) we’ve neglected everything else (the complete LACK OF INFRASTRUCTURE!!!).

Furthermore, there’s no standardization of electric vehicles yet. Meaning certain cars will only work with certain charging stations. Imagine the frustration felt when you can’t find your cellphone charger, magnified a thousand fold.

Could electric vehicles work? Absolutely! For 90% of America, electric cars are perfect for most trips. Especially combined with the range extension of a second, gasoline powered car, for weekend motoring and afternoon jaunts.

But until something is offered that is actually affordable (say in the $7000 to $10000), electric cars are a dead battery.

Droppin It Like It’s Hot

Two new designs are available! Check us out on

The tank top is a limited run, odds are more will be made in the near future. But who knows, you might want to snatch up one of the two!

Myoo Create

The day after I posted a quick link to the Levi’s Care to Air  Challenge on Myoo Create; I found that there was a comment waiting my approval.

Apparently, my post was noticed by the powers that be at and they actually took the time to read what I had posted and to respond to it!

This sparked my interest and I want to take a minute today and focus on Myoo Create.

“Myoo Create is a community for environmental and social innovation – where people who share a passion for inspiring and co-creating a better world can come together and apply their talents to challenges that matter.”

But wait it gets better!

“Myoo Create is part of the Myoo Group, a new group of companies dedicated to inspiring and co-creating solutions to important environmental and social issues. Myoo, rhymes with dew, and represents me + you (Myoo) working together in community (kuh-Myoo-ni-tee). The Myoo Group has been incubated by Adventure Ecology.”

So basically it’s a meeting place. Where individuals and organizations can get together and come up with solutions to problems! Love it!

And yes, we’ll be entering a design in the Levi’s challenge!

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