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I dabble in photography, and occasionally get lucky enough to have a decent looking photograph.

Somehow, one of my photos was included in a gallery on Flickr:
“Best Of Bikes”

It’s the photo of the motorcycle in front of the red door. Specifically it’s a Hodaka Ace 100 owned by Tim, a friend of friends who stopped in at the shop one day.

C360_2010-11-06 13-38-50


Big Things In The Works

And they are good!

The much needed XS400 part is arriving this week, all the parts I sold last week were shipped off. People are happy, I’ve made some money, old parts are being reused. Life is good all around!

That is all.

Also, somehow we got 44 views yesterday; nicely done guys!

A Brief Update

Thank you to everyone who’s posted comments! We have over 300 excellent, insightful, and intelligent comments on the majority of our posts! We have even had one great debate over the best course of action for environmentalism, sustainability, and free markets.

Personally, I just started working at a motorcycle salvage yard/parts store. I figure I might as well put my money where my mouth is, and help out reusing old parts for what might be one of the most enjoyable AND economic forms of transportation currently available.

I apologize for this weekends lack of posts. I was working again at Camp Willson assisting university students with team building activities. Working with college co-eds… oh the burdens one must bear.

Again, thank you to everyone for making Conservance such a great experience for myself and others!

At Auction

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to play auctioneer for the YMCA summer camp, Camp Willson.

I donated a few of our shirts, and some other items, and then got to know this years staff. I didn’t really get a chance to eat dinner, because I was having too much fun.

Soon after dinner: the auction started.

With items ranging from the silly to the useful to the awesome, the bidding was hot and furious.  And at the end of the night, we had raised…


Which is amazing, especially given the fact that the staff really won’t make that much money this summer.

As for our shirts, I was a little embarrassed to explain and auction off my own designs. Despite my confidence, I am a bit modest at times. But people began bidding on the shirts, and all told I believe they raised $100 or so.

All in all, not too shabby a Wednesday!

I Forgot to Mention

Last month was our greatest month yet! We had two days of record views, and those were back to back! And we’ve had over 500 unique views last month.

Huzzah and thank you!

And we had our 100th article post recently as well. This is shaping up to become quite the ride.

We’ve started designing and selling shirts. Meaning we’ve overcome one of the hurdles that businesses face; actually shipping a product.

A bit of design news for you:

Conservance bags are in the works! I found out that plastic bags can be made into a waterproof material that is similar to nylon fabric. I’m working out the production kinks, and hopefully will have a prototype made up in the next few weeks! Don’t worry though, it isn’t going to look like it was recycled.

General Updates:

Kickstarter approved Conservance! I’m going to be working up a video this week and we’ll be posting it soon. For those that don’t know: Kickstarter is a funding site for creative ventures.

A photo shoot is in the works!!! I’m meeting with some friends on Wednesday to brainstorm ideas and concepts for the photo shoot. We’ll see what bad-assery comes about!

“Aviators & Martinis” is now available in white and red! I thought the navy and silver looked good, but these put it to shame!

Summer, summer, summer time!

Conservance: Summer

A little something to make your ears smile! The official 2010 Conservance: Summer playlist. Consider it 11 songs worth of love.


Thank you to everyone for helping Conservance reach it’s first benchmark!

We’ve gotten 300 views this month!

I wish I had something cool to give away like a T-shirt or something. Maybe that’s in the works (wink wink).

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