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A Short Essay To Save The World

In response to the question “Do you feel that businesses or governments have a moral obligation to their workers/constiuents?” I wrote an essay that would solve quite a few of America’s and the World’s problems. It’s easy to write about, hard to live.


Yes, I think so, but I understand that companies need to make money. The government is supposed to represent the people and keep their best interests in mind, a part of that is keeping them gainfully employed. But I also believe that Unions and the people themselves must play a part.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that the period of lowest income inequality in the US, our largest innovations and breakthroughs, and our “golden” era all fell within roughly the same time frame. And CEO pay was “surprisingly” NOT tied to stock performance.

There’s a sweet spot where companies get their profit and stay competitive, the government has enough regulations to keep everyone safe and make their share of taxes but doesn’t damage the industry, and the citizens themselves are protected and employed.

The government needs to enforce tariffs on imported finished goods, or goods to be assembled in the US, and it has to encourage innovation and technological innovation that results in lower costs, higher quality and a better work environment without firing workers. There also needs to be a serious overhaul of the investment laws and regulations to discourage the short-term maximum profit trading that destabilizes US industries and encourages automation/outsourcing.

Unions and workers need to negotiate for raises, benefits and the workers with an eye towards maximum employment possible. Currently, they seek maximum wages and benefits with thought to what the company is facing economically, or how many union members are employed. Which is better, 1000 workers getting paid $10 an hour or 100 workers getting $75? Beyond that, “Union Pride, Union Made” has become a joke. “Union made” used to mean high quality, long lasting goods, now it doesn’t mean anything except overpaid, poorly made junk. Compare a 1958 Chevy Impala versus the 71 model, versus the monstrosity that was the 1994 “impala” or the even worse abomination of the 2002 model.

We the people need to stop buying based solely on price, and we have to start demanding different priorities from our companies and action from our government. We should be voting with our pocketbook, by buying the highest quality goods manufactured and we should be willing to pay top dollar for them. If companies are laying off employees, automating, outsourcing or other negative actions, why are we buying from them? If our representatives are more worried about special interests or lobbyist dollars, then why are we still allowing them to make decisions?

In short, we need to change how our society acts.

On Equality

We think of equality in terms of good and bad, better and worse, weak and powerful. It is none of these. Equality is simply being equal. It cannot be anything other than that, and it can only apply to a single characteristic.

Some thing is either equal across the board for all, or it is not. That is the cruel beauty of equality. It will grind all down in a manner.

The field will be leveled. But it will be filled with all manner of organisms. Or the field will be filled with a single organism, that then grows to various heights and widths. The field will never be filled with one species mowed down to the same height.

That is not equality; that is oppression.

Leaders & Politicians

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates were tailor made for leaders, men of vision. The “debates” we see today are tailor made for politicians.

We stopped electing leaders years ago, and America has suffered for it.


Jeep has a commercial for its new Grand Cherokee. It is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Putting aside the environmental implications for just one moment, listen to what the commercial is saying. See what it is calling for and hearkening back too.

America is a nation of builders, designers, creators. We’re a nation of doers.

White collar and blue collar, we make things. And we make things well and beautiful.

But we’ve been emasculated by those who cannot do, who cannot teach, who cannot make. A nation of cowards who are afraid to get our hands dirty.

At what point did this happen?

We face serious issues, environmental and other, that need that rare combination of excellence, brilliance, and hard work that America is known for. And we’re dragging our feet?

When did we become cowards? When did we become impotent?

Celebrate Our “Independence”… Ignore Our Lack of Freedom

234 years ago, a group of men and women declared their independence from a tyrant. Citing the inability to exercise God given freedoms, taxation without representation, unlawful and unjust practices, and more egregious acts against humanity: our Forefathers set out the create a more perfect Union.

A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Where fear and tyranny had no home, where all men were created equal and given the same opportunity to make something of themselves. A land where a person was judged on the content of his heart; a brick layer and a business man had the same voice, the same rights, and the same duty under the law.

On July 4th, 1776, the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence; and set forth on a course of action that would change the world as we know it.

It is with sadness that I declare the grand experiment of the United States to be a failure in the modern world.

Justice, honor, decency, freedom, equality: These are only words used to gather votes. They mean nothing anymore. We live under a new tyrant. The tyrant of unchecked greed and avarice and selfishness.

We are reduced to nothing more than a number in a formula and judged according to that. We bear the burden of the wicked and their greed. They continue to get richer, while we continue to be laid off. To be left stricken and destitute in the streets.

“Main Street” is an image used to stir hearts and minds but it is not defended from those who would seek to rape it. To pillage it, to subdue it and enslave its people.

Those elected to govern us, to make the right and just decisions, to check the evil of wicked men: Have been seduced by power and abandoned their posts in pursuit of personal gain.

We have been quietly ensnared and enslaved, and forced into a feudal state. The very situation that our ancestors sought to leave.They left everything, their homes, their lives, their countries: to seek a life where a man can make of himself what he will.

That no longer happens. We are promised freedom, and given slavery. Like the child who wants bread, but is given a stone.

We are owned in every way save name, to a select few. Companies whose reckless behavior cost millions their jobs, and thousands of families their homes. Yet they sit next to our leaders, receiving only a stern warning, a slap on the wrist, and billions of our dollars to continue to act as they see fit.

Our shores are polluted. Our air is polluted! The beauty of our land is bulldozed under for the pursuit of profit. Jobs are moved overseas in the pursuit of profit. Whole communities are left with nothing. And the citizens of this nation are trapped under mountains of debt they can never hope to escape from. And the laws which are supposed to protect us, have been twisted, warped, and ignored outright, until they have no teeth, no strength. Or worse, our leaders are legally bribed to strike those laws from the books, to keep us under oppression. When their power is derived from us!

Make no mistake: we are not free. Not in any sense of the word.

This is not justice! When the authors of our current woes, those who engineered this economic disaster are allowed to walk free? Is this the land of the Free? Is this what so many fought and died for?

What course of action will we now take? Will we bow our heads and bend our knees to tyranny? It matters not the form of tyranny, nor its benevolence, a tyrant is a tyrant! Will we sit quietly like sheep? Like children?

Or will we stand against reckless greed, against tyranny, against the evil that seeks to reduce men and women to less than what they are?

Our ancestors fought and died on the fields of revolution. Our forebears fought brother against brother for freedom from slavery. Our great-grandfathers crossed the ocean to stop tyranny from advancing across Europe. Our grandfathers died in foreign lands on both sides of the globe to stop evil. They marched hand in hand with those who peacefully demanded freedom. Our parents demanded peace and justice, and that the wall of fear and oppression be torn down; so that brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers might once again be united.

From Yorktown, to Antietam. From Versailles to Normandy to Iwo Jima. From Birmingham to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Our families fought for what was right.

What will we do now?

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