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Once we break out of our circular argument (Sustainable energy only accounts for X%, and therefore can’t meet demand) and start to look at costs beyond the initial investment, it makes more sense to use wind, solar, and tidal energy (where the “resource” is near infinite, abundant and free) then anything else.

Where we need to start researching and investing is in transportation and storage of energy. We already know how to make power, now we need to learn how to move it efficiently.

Here in America, there’s enough wind power in the Dakotas to power all of the US, and enough solar power in the south west to do the same. On the world stage, Africa could theoretically power most of the world using solar power. The catch is transferring that power to the rest of the world.


Quick Fix

President Obama was touted as the Capitalist-in-chief for the United States in an article on BusinessWeek (here). Specifically he’s been pushing money into the clean tech sector.

This is a quick fix to a serious problem.

Our current system, was built on ideas and assumptions from the 1940s and 50s. Back when smoking was healthy and gasoline wasn’t polluting. But since that time, we’ve learned that pollution is a serious issue and smoking causes cancer.

Electric and hydrogen powered vehicles are nothing more than ways to prop up old world ideas.

Look at our stimulus package: $300 Billion to the establishment. It didn’t actually stimulate the economy, nor did it trickle down to Main Street.

Look at health care reform: No one answered the question “Why have health care costs sky rocketed?”

The question with clean tech must be “Why are we trying to preserve a dying, antiquated way of doing things?”

We like to fix things, we aren’t good at solving problems.

The Ongoing Clean Energy Debate

CNBC recently ran a special called “Beyond the Barrel.” It’s nothing spectacular, but it does highlight one incredibly large issue: We’ve been having the clean energy debate since the 70s! WTF, mate?

It’s a circular argument that is caught in an infinite loop and here’s how it plays out:

unwashed protestors: We need clean energy! You’re killing the earth!

Businesses: Sure, we’ve got solar power

Unwashed protestors: Solar?! Do you know how big those plants are? They’ll harm the deserts! That’s our cultural heritage!

Businesses: Well, what about wind?

Unwashed protestors: You bastard! Do you know those wind farms kill birds!

Businesses: We’ve got nuclear power???

<debate becomes a brawl as protestors turn violent. Yelling “Chernobyl” and “nuclear bomb maker>

Businesses: Fine, we’ll try using everything buy nuclear. You know that it’s going to cost more though right?

Unwashed Protestors: What? You’re going to raise my rates? KILL THEM!!!

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