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A Short Essay To Save The World

In response to the question “Do you feel that businesses or governments have a moral obligation to their workers/constiuents?” I wrote an essay that would solve quite a few of America’s and the World’s problems. It’s easy to write about, hard to live.


Yes, I think so, but I understand that companies need to make money. The government is supposed to represent the people and keep their best interests in mind, a part of that is keeping them gainfully employed. But I also believe that Unions and the people themselves must play a part.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that the period of lowest income inequality in the US, our largest innovations and breakthroughs, and our “golden” era all fell within roughly the same time frame. And CEO pay was “surprisingly” NOT tied to stock performance.

There’s a sweet spot where companies get their profit and stay competitive, the government has enough regulations to keep everyone safe and make their share of taxes but doesn’t damage the industry, and the citizens themselves are protected and employed.

The government needs to enforce tariffs on imported finished goods, or goods to be assembled in the US, and it has to encourage innovation and technological innovation that results in lower costs, higher quality and a better work environment without firing workers. There also needs to be a serious overhaul of the investment laws and regulations to discourage the short-term maximum profit trading that destabilizes US industries and encourages automation/outsourcing.

Unions and workers need to negotiate for raises, benefits and the workers with an eye towards maximum employment possible. Currently, they seek maximum wages and benefits with thought to what the company is facing economically, or how many union members are employed. Which is better, 1000 workers getting paid $10 an hour or 100 workers getting $75? Beyond that, “Union Pride, Union Made” has become a joke. “Union made” used to mean high quality, long lasting goods, now it doesn’t mean anything except overpaid, poorly made junk. Compare a 1958 Chevy Impala versus the 71 model, versus the monstrosity that was the 1994 “impala” or the even worse abomination of the 2002 model.

We the people need to stop buying based solely on price, and we have to start demanding different priorities from our companies and action from our government. We should be voting with our pocketbook, by buying the highest quality goods manufactured and we should be willing to pay top dollar for them. If companies are laying off employees, automating, outsourcing or other negative actions, why are we buying from them? If our representatives are more worried about special interests or lobbyist dollars, then why are we still allowing them to make decisions?

In short, we need to change how our society acts.


On Equality

We think of equality in terms of good and bad, better and worse, weak and powerful. It is none of these. Equality is simply being equal. It cannot be anything other than that, and it can only apply to a single characteristic.

Some thing is either equal across the board for all, or it is not. That is the cruel beauty of equality. It will grind all down in a manner.

The field will be leveled. But it will be filled with all manner of organisms. Or the field will be filled with a single organism, that then grows to various heights and widths. The field will never be filled with one species mowed down to the same height.

That is not equality; that is oppression.

Leaders & Politicians

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates were tailor made for leaders, men of vision. The “debates” we see today are tailor made for politicians.

We stopped electing leaders years ago, and America has suffered for it.

Here’s The Deal

It’s quickly being established that clean-tech saves money, the economic impetus is gaining traction as this is written.

The recent Republican gains in the house and senate will hopefully result in a robust economy again. With the Democrats providing an important check.

What is that check?

That we avoid the “short-term profit, at the cost of our long term selves” mentality that has driven us into the ground and moved the US into a distant third in the clean-tech race. Distant, and dropping fast.

We cannot return to BAU, we have to move forward into the brave new world!

Election Day

It’s election day, and I for one am filled with… nothing.

However, I have finally determined what it is that has caused me to lack any real feelings whatsoever about voting, and our democratic process.

There are few real solutions on the table.

If we look at most political commercials and the politicians behind them; it’s mostly a case of “I’m better than this guy. Look at how they are/have been.”

Look at the election leading up to George W. Bush’ second election. The Democrats were scrambling for a candidate, and their basic campaign was “vote for us, at least we aren’t Bush!” And their candidate:

The Master of the flip-flop, John Kerry.

A ridiculous choice for president if ever there was one.

The democratic process has become a stage for oneupmanship of the wrong kind. It’s a constant bombardment of negative speak, followed by a brief “but I’m not like that.”

No solutions offered to our problems, no ideas, no suggestions, no action. All signs of a lack of leadership.

We’re voting to the lowest common denominator, and the results of that choice have been clear from Clinton onwards.

Again: Don’t vote, revolt.

It is not the time to cast a meaningless ballot, it is the time to throw off these bonds of tyranny through ineptitude. Yes, I’m calling for action against the current means of government in the US. No,that does not make me a traitor. To preserve America, we have to fix it. Unfortunately those in power are so entrenched, that revolution is our only course of action.

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Fear And Action

Halloween is coming very quickly. Does anyone remember the “razor blade” scare? Or the poisoned caramel apples? Or any of the other scares?

Those all got news coverage, and yet not a proven case.

No one ever found a razor blade in a candy bar, nor was there ever a poisoned caramel apple.

Two instances of action based on needless and unfounded fear.

Yet, when presented with enough evidence to warrant some action, we’re unable to do anything.

Look at climate change, CO2 emissions, renewable energy, drained oil reserves, MPG and efficiency standards.

All have reasonable amounts of evidence to warrant some action. And yet:


Nothing. No action. Just bickering. Politicking. Fighting.

My Recent Spate of Revolutionary Writings

I realize I’ve been leaning towards a touch of the revolutionary recently, and I’d like to explain why… This clip should sum things up nicely.

I’m mad as hell.

We’ve been promised again and again, that things will change. The only changes I see around me, have been for the worse. The disparity between the rich and everyone else has increased, the poor have become poorer, our leaders have become more self-centered and bureaucratic, the recession has worsened for all but those who caused it to begin with, and on and on and on.

I’m reduced to a number thank you FICO and my banks, I’m merely a consumer fit only to buy and work and die, the important things (IE OUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE AS A HUMAN SPECIES AND THE WELL BEING OF OUR EARTH!!!) are ignored, our oceans are polluted, our resources misused, and those elected to defend our interests, to hold accountable organizations, businesses, and each other, have failed.

Miserably failed.

So yes, I’m advocating a revolution. Screw restoring value or sanity. Both are code words for status quo, except one is blue and one is red. The only tea party I want is one that leads to independence, the only change I want is real change, the only hope I want is the hope that we can make things better.

Let’s face it, America isn’t a republic anymore. It’s a joke. The real power is in the bureaucracy, the real force is within the special interests. Your vote doesn’t matter in the least bit. We don’t need another charismatic politician, we need real leaders, with the integrity and strength to do what’s right.


Yesterday evening I saw the presidential motorcade pass, and my first thought was: how distant.

Our elected officials are as far from their constituencies as I am from the moon. When I write to my representatives, I don’t get anything more than a canned letter, with a fake signature, three months later.

The election is coming up shortly, and we’re most likely going to elect a new batch of the SAME EXACT PEOPLE.

Last year we elected a president around ideas of “hope” and “change.” Now we’re just hoping for change, our officials and representatives are different on the outside, and promise the world to voters: only to get into office and do whatever they were going to anyways.


Why do we continue to allow this to occur?

Election Misconceptions

The mud is being slung in Ohio. Hard.

Let’s take a look at a few of them:

1) The energy reform bill will eliminate 100,000 jobs.

Yes it will, and hundreds of thousands of jobs will be eliminated next year regardless of whether or not an energy reform bill is passed. Secondly, we’re sacrificing long term job growth in an emergent field (the next wave) for a hundred thousand jobs that will be outsourced in a short period of time. Brilliant.

2) Cap & Trade is costly….

Erroneous. Especially given that oil companies, energy utilities and other large businesses are in support of the cap & trade. Granted, that is a whole issue in and of itself; however, the point still remains in other instances of pollutants (NOx for example) a cap and trade system has worked incredibly well. INCREDIBLY WELL!

A well written cap & trade system for CO2 and all greenhouse gases, would do two things: Control and reduce pollutants, and generate money.

Again, these things will lead to a cleaner planet, better products, better communities, and more. Why are we believing poorly created drivel?

Upcoming Election

Don’t vote.

Here’s why, over the last ten years we’ve seen Democrat and Republican controlled houses, the worst recession since 1929, a poorly executed health care bill, a watered down financial reform bill, and nothing but childish behaviors all around.

Nothing has changed. Except to get worse.

I say: don’t vote, revolt.

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