The Repository

Here is the growing list of links for more information, ideas, products, and services. I’ll be updating it regularly, and when I get enough sites, I might even organize it and award S.E.E.R rankings to companies and sites!

Perfectcube – a blog centered around design that makes the world better, and “greener.” Don’t worry, it doesn’t sound crazy.

Design That Matters – A non-profit dedicated to allowing “social enterprises in developing countries to offer improved services and scale more quickly.” How could I not mention this site?

Ohio Hub – The Ohio Department of Transportations plan to link Columbus to a high speed rail network. If it works as intended, it’s cheap and fast access to Most cities in the Midwest and East coast. And it’s cleaner than cars or airplanes

Inspire – It’s always good to get a little inspiration in your life. Helps to center and refocus your life. This is a great site with nothing but quotes and some pen and ink style drawings. For some reason something new always pops out and catches my attention.

Shigeru Ban – Shigeru Ban is a Japanese architect who uses cardboard in some of his designs and buildings. In addition to using recyclable materials, he’s designed emergency relief shelters for the UN. Environmentally and socially responsible? What’s not to love? *this link takes you directly to Shigeru Sans cardboard structures directly.

Information Is Beautiful – It is when you’ve got killer graphics to explain it!

Big River Man – A documentary of one Martin Strel, who decides to swim the Amazon to highlight environmental concerns.  Talk about commitment.